Torquetronic™ Continuous Duty

The system is widely recognised as the industry standard for its’ accurate power measurement of turbomachinery in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries.

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Designed to operate continuously, the CD Torquemeter system measures the absorbed power of equipment driven by gas or steam turbines.

Delivering accurate torque measurement with an accuracy of better than 1%, the system will continue to validate the process and turbine performance even in the most demanding of industrial environments. The system works by measuring the twist of a coupling spacer measured by separated pairs of integral teeth and, by virtue of having no electronics in the transducer (unlike strain gauges), is suitable for intrinsically safe operation up to 130°C at high speed with indefinite life. The stator or pick up system normally acts as the coupling guard and is individually designed to interface with the driven and driving machines.

The Continuous Duty system can be fully integrated with gear, disc or diaphragm couplings from any preferred supplier, it is not limited to a single coupling style or manufacturer and is usually supplied complete with all necessary coupling guards.

All Torquetronic™ systems are statically & dynamically calibrated and are traceable to International Standards; certified for use in Hazardous environments to ATEX, IEC Ex, FM and CSA/UL and TRCU Customs Union standards.

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Features and benefits:

  • Global end user and OEM acceptability – standard designs are available
  • 30-year proven track record for reliability & low maintenance requirements
  • Accuracy based on mechanical simplicity and integrity of a one-piece spacer shaft
  • 1% accuracy of Full-Scale Load – accurate readings regardless of temperature/gas composition
  • Independent and compatible with all coupling manufacturers – your coupling preference is acceptable
  • In service calibration and diagnostic capability provides on-site validation of readings
  • Certified for use in hazardous areas: ATEX/CSA FM/TRCU Customs Union/IEC Ex approved
  • Unlimited speed and torque capability – 15,000 rpm – 80 MW
  • Complete engineered solution: Coupling, Torquemeter & Coupling Guard – no need for additional cost of coupling guard/engineering
  • Windage calculations included

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