Developed by Torquemeters to control multiple variables and process parameters for its test rig product range, the proprietary TorDAC control system is based on an ultra-fast hardware architecture and a configurable software interface.

This flexibility supports the control of up to 16 control loops with over 160 individual inputs at 6kHz ensuring safe sequencing of individual services on startup and system integrity in the event of any unforeseen circumstances during test. The system has a 10kHz data sample rate delivering highly detailed performance data and facilitating in-depth analysis of the physical characteristics of the system including torsional vibration.

The software environment is configurable and tailored to each customer’s specific application facilitating several variations of test protocol including access for user modification. The adaptable Graphical User Interface (GUI) can be configured to display a visual model of the system with key parameters displayed, in addition to the usual plot and analysis views (FFT, Campbell, Waterfall Plot and Order Analysis).

Typical applications are listed under the Test Rig product page and TorDAC is usually utilised to control the motor drives, drivelines and all ancillary systems as part of its overarching system control function design.

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