Provider of specialist torquemeters, couplings, flywheels, spindles & test rigs for both helicopter and aero engine component testing.

A key partner to all of the major aero engine manufacturers including GE Aviation, Safran, Airbus and Pratt & Whitney, Torquemeters has provided equipment for testing and development in the most demanding high power & high temperature applications.

Torquemeters first products were developed for utilisation within the Aerospace industry and this long association continues today. Products have been developed, qualified and supplied a wide range of differing type of equipment for various test applications within the industry.

Nominally based on the supply of a high speed Torquemeter and coupling for inclusion in a high power driveline with a gearbox and dynamometer, the high speed and misalignment (radial, axial & angular) capabilities of the ET & Tordisc products are key building blocks for any aero engine test system and also for individual turbine or compressor test applications.

Torquemeters has extensive experience in developing integrated drivelines and full test rig systems for the aerospace industry including the successful deployment of a 2MW Starter Generator system in a back-to-back configuration incorporating two of Torquemeters specially-developed 1MW 30,000 rpm permanent magnet motors.

In a further product innovation to address a long-standing issue with the difficulty of accurately balancing a high speed rotor in their turbofan engine range without significant time spent in disassembly and assembly, Torquemeters collaborated with Pratt & Whitney on a new product which would allow replication of the high speed rotor phase for balancing purposes, reducing testing & service times significantly.

Other projects extend the use of the Tordisc coupling technology to the extremes of performance, particularly given the misalignment requirement of some helicopter gearbox testing applications. Torquemeters also supplies high speed spindles and specialist bearing cartridges for in-volute high temperature operation.

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