Test Solutions

Torquemeters has developed turnkey systems for e-motor, turbocharger and engine test applications incorporating cutting-edge permanent magnet motor technology.

Torquemeters extensive high speed driveline, rotodynamic and test rig automation experience has made it the partner of choice for several leading Aerospace, Automotive and Research organisations. Taking overall responsibility for designing, manufacturing, installing & commissioning the full test rig scope, Torquemeters collaborates with customers to ensure that extreme test conditions & performance parameters are met with systems that are intrinsically safe and fully controllable.

Utilising its proprietary high speed control systems & software, Torquemeters can supply a fully integrated system with driveline, test interface, data capture and variable speed drive solutions as well as supplying & controlling any ancilliary lubrication, air and cooling systems.

Key projects include:

  • 2MW Starter Generator system (in a back-to-back configuration incorporating two of Torquemeters 1MW 30,000 rpm PM motors)
  • 120,000 rpm Turbocharger development system
  • 60,000 rpm Rocket fuel pump test system
  • 120,000 rpm High-Speed Electric Motor test stand
  • ERS/KERS Turnkey testrig (Formula 1 energy recovery)
  • Several variable speed systems for electric motor testing (with integrated multi-shaft gearbox)
  • Further applications include dry gas seal testing, helicopter gearbox & auxilliary gearbox testing

Case Studies