Phase Boxes

Developed in conjunction with Pratt & Whitney, the Torquemeters Phase Box product range cuts MRO maintenance time dramatically through an innovative design that allows high speed rotor balance without aero-engine disassembly.

Addressing a long-standing issue with the difficulty of accurately balancing a high speed rotor in their turbofan engine range without significant time spent in disassembly and assembly, Pratt & Whitney approached Torquemeters to collaborate on a new product which would allow replication of the high speed rotor phase for balancing purposes with the engine in a fully assembled state.

With over 60 years of continuous experience in the design, development and manufacture of high speed rotating systems, Torquemeters was the ideal partner to develop a specific geared solution with the same rotational characteristics as the main rotor. Following succesful testing of the first prototype, this system has now been adopted as a standard and is being configured for all engine types as the practice is rolled out across the engine range.

Initial testing has produced savings of over 100 hours of service time reducing both OEM and MRO costs and reducing overall downtime for service purposes significantly.