Torquemeters Develops Automated Turbocharger Mapping Test Rig

Automated high-speed turbocharger test rig with integral thrust balance.

A leading turbocharger manufacturer required a test stand capable of the mapping of their turbocharger turbine wheel up to a 50mm diameter. A key requirement was a very accurate and efficient turbine wheel test rig for mapping wheels over their complete mass flow, speed and torque range.

Torquemeters supplied a turnkey test stand to allow fully automated operation, data collection control, data storage and processing; allowing a new turbine wheel to be fitted and fully mapped within 2 to 4 hours whilst covering 30 operating points of speed and inlet pressure.

The capability of the test stand performance included a mass flow range 0.05-0.5kg/s (+/-0.5g accuracy), torque measurement up to 2.5Nm and speed up to 130,000rpm as well as a thrust balance capacity up to 400N.

Torquemeters designed a bespoke thrust balancing assembly on the high-speed side of the gearbox to allow axial thrust compensation and also supplied the air system to the test article with 10 bar air supplied by the facility.

Key features of the installation include;

  • Complete turnkey solution
  • Speed, torque and thrust measurement
  • Enable map of turbine wheel

Test full range of turbine wheels

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