Torquemeters Develops Turnkey Test Stand With Major US Aero-Engine Manufacturer

Multi-purpose test stand enabling flexible testing of complete starter / generator product family and development of new E-propulsion equipment.

Working with a major US-based aero-engine manufacture, Torquemeters developed a turnkey test stand to enable prototype testing on new starter/generator developments as well as research into e-propulsion. This required a high-speed driveline with the smallest possible inertia. To achieve this Torquemeters developed a direct-drive solution removing any requirement for a speed increaser gearbox within the driveline. This simplified the architecture and improved the rotordynamic performance of the rig at high-speeds.

The new test stand has a rated performance of 30,000rpm and 2MW without any gearboxes. Torquemeters developed its’ own 4-quadrant permanent magnet motors, each capable of 30,000rpm and 1MW, which installed in a tandem configuration enable the customer to achieve a testing capability of 2MW and 30,000rpm. Key features of the installation include;

  • Complete turnkey solution
  • Development of HS PMMG E-motors 1MW 30krpm
  • Compact, low inertia driveline
  • Small physical footprint to fit existing facility