Installation of second Continuous Duty (CD) torquemeter SIL2 system

Torquemeters is pleased to announce the completion of the commissioning on a further SIL2-rated continuous duty torquemeter, this time for Total’s facility in Feyzin. Torquemeters pioneered the first such system, in collaboration with Total, for the Total Refinery Antwerp site in 2017. The system allows the safe operation of an upgraded compressor installed on an existing steam turbine and the torquemeter provides real-time performance data ensuring optimal operation whilst avoiding an overdrive/overload event which would potentially damage the newly installed equipment. To use shaft horsepower as a control function on steam turbines, the Torquemeter TorSil product is unique. Speed of reaction to enable the control system to operate without the need for complicated calculations involving head pressure, water/steam quality, flow and temperature is simplified using a standard torquemeter and is made Functionally Safe using the 2oo3 voting TorSil variant. In addition to providing normal Condition Monitoring data on shaft horsepower (trending, washing cycle needs, direction of fouling information), the customer now has an automated system with SIL 2 which provides a system needing no user intervention, other than that required for SIL 2 (a scheduled functional test at shutdown). This releases plant man hours for other duties and ensures continued, safe plant operation.

Key features of the installation includes;

  • SIL2 protection rating
  • No rotating electronics
  • Ability to compensate for changes in environmental conditions
  • High degree of reliability and accuracy
  • 9Long service intervals and low maintenance requirements
  • Optimisation of turbine/compressor performance during commissioning

Certification awards for Torquemeter’s Continuous Duty product range

Designed for operation in the harshest of environments, Torquemeter’s continuous duty torquemeters have been ATEX-certified for many years and we are pleased that our recent audit by Baseefa has been successfully completed and our ATEX II certification renewed. We are also pleased to be able to report new accreditation for the continuous duty product range to the Indian explosive environment standard PESO which has also been granted recently.