Peter Johnson Retires After 55 Years Of Service

Torquemeters Ltd were delighted to present Peter Johnson (PJ) with a special gift during a dinner at Sedgebrook Hall for achieving 55 years’ service before retiring last month. Peter will have the pleasure of prime seats for the Saints and from a specialist Cotswold Silversmith an individually designed Silver Bowl.

55 years in one Company is truly amazing and we are proud of our first ever Apprentice! He will be missed.

Torquemeters Ltd, based in Ravensthorpe for over 65 years, makes specialist torque measuring equipment for the Oil and Gas and Aerospace industries. We are proud of our Northamptonshire heritage and our continuing commitment to train the next group of young engineers today.

Peter’s contribution to Torquemeters cannot be overstated. In a career spanning 55 years, certainly no one in this business or indeed any other Company is ever likely to achieve that remarkable achievement again.

From Apprentice, to Machinist, Draughtsman, Foreman, our Production Manager and from 1985 Production Director of the Company, he has been involved in virtually every chapter of our 65 year history. For the first 10 to 15 years primarily in the design or making of our optical Torquemeters, which involved the time consuming lapping of mirrors, and boiler feed pump couplings. In his role as Production Manager and Director, lead manager of all manufacturing activities and responsible for all workshop personnel, production engineer, doing the shop loading, chief buyer, sub-contractor, cost estimator, clerk of works and logistics!!! These days we need a team of at least 6 to achieve the same!!

As an individual, PJ has been a delight to work with and for. His total commitment to the Company, his honesty, his modesty, his good sense of humour, his enthusiasm and of course his vast knowledge and experience has assisted in the growth of our business throughout the last five decades.

Managing Director Ben Van Millingen said “A remarkable story from a remarkable man. I doubt this will ever be achieved again here or any other Company, we wish him all the best for his retirement”.