Installation of second Continuous Duty (CD) torquemeter SIL2 system

Torquemeters is pleased to announce the completion of the commissioning on a further SIL2-rated continuous duty torquemeter, this time for Total’s facility in Feyzin. Torquemeters pioneered the first such system, in collaboration with Total, for the Total Refinery Antwerp site in 2017. The system allows the safe operation of an upgraded compressor installed on an existing steam turbine and the torquemeter provides real-time performance data ensuring optimal operation whilst avoiding an overdrive/overload event which would potentially damage the newly installed equipment. To use shaft horsepower as a control function on steam turbines, the Torquemeter TorSil product is unique. Speed of reaction to enable the control system to operate without the need for complicated calculations involving head pressure, water/steam quality, flow and temperature is simplified using a standard torquemeter and is made Functionally Safe using the 2oo3 voting TorSil variant. In addition to providing normal Condition Monitoring data on shaft horsepower (trending, washing cycle needs, direction of fouling information), the customer now has an automated system with SIL 2 which provides a system needing no user intervention, other than that required for SIL 2 (a scheduled functional test at shutdown). This releases plant man hours for other duties and ensures continued, safe plant operation.

Key features of the installation includes;

  • SIL2 protection rating
  • No rotating electronics
  • Ability to compensate for changes in environmental conditions
  • High degree of reliability and accuracy
  • 9Long service intervals and low maintenance requirements
  • Optimisation of turbine/compressor performance during commissioning

Certification awards for Torquemeter’s Continuous Duty product range

Designed for operation in the harshest of environments, Torquemeter’s continuous duty torquemeters have been ATEX-certified for many years and we are pleased that our recent audit by Baseefa has been successfully completed and our ATEX II certification renewed. We are also pleased to be able to report new accreditation for the continuous duty product range to the Indian explosive environment standard PESO which has also been granted recently.

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Torquemeters becomes an employee-owned trust after 70 years of custodianship by the Van Millingen family.

The management of Torquemeters Limited is happy to announce that the ownership of the business has now been transferred to an Employee Owned Trust (EOT) by the Van Millingen family, after 70 years of continuous leadership by the original founder Reuel Van Millingen and, since the early 1990s, by his sons, Jas & Ben Van Millingen.

The trust is an indirect ownership arrangement which maintains the independence of the business to operate in the longer term for the benefit of its employees. In addition, several members of the existing management team have subscribed to shares via a limited Management Buy Out scheme, acquiring a minority shareholding in the business. This, coupled with the continued involvement of Ben as Managing Director & Jas as Technical Director, will help to ensure the continuity and stability of the business in the short and longer term.

The new structure will ensure that Torquemeters will continue as a thriving and sustainable specialist engineering business focussed on the delivery of world-class rotating equipment systems and services through product innovation, the development of core engineering capabilities and an open supportive culture. The transfer of ownership to the trust which started in December of last year has been managed, with the backing of the previous shareholders, to support the business’ working capital needs through the initial phase of the transition and to ensure that the business remains fiscally robust into the future.

Torquemeters Limited has an enviable reputation for the quality and innovation of its’ high performance driveline, torque measurement and test system solutions, garnered over 70 years of serving many of the world’s leading aviation, automotive, industrial and Oil & Gas organisations. The business has grown substantially & sustainably over the past few years and continues to operate in a fiscally responsible and profitable fashion. We continue to invest in new capabilities in terms of our engineering expertise, specialist manufacturing facilities and through the development of our highly-skilled employees.

From a customer & a partner perspective, the relationship with Torquemeters Limited will continue uninterrupted, with all aspects of engagement remaining the same, as we embark on this new chapter in Torquemeters history.

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Torquemeters awarded a major new test rig contract for the UK Electrification of Aerospace Propulsion Facility (UKEAPF) based within the University of Nottingham’s new Power Electronics and Machines Centre.



Torquemeters are pleased to announce that they have been selected for the award of a major new project from the University of Nottingham to provide a unique, fully instrumented, 2MW 30,000rpm dynamometer test stand for e-motors & generators for hybrid electric propulsion systems within the Power Electronics and Electrical Machines Centre.

The dynamometer will be designed to enable testing and validation of MW- and kV-class electrical drive systems for both low-speed (800-6,000rpm) as well as high speed (15,000-30,000rpm) applications. The fully instrumented dynamometer will enable the validation of innovative electrical machines in real operating environments including the ability to apply static and dynamic torque and axial thrust profiles. The Power Electronics and Electrical Machines Centre at the University of Nottingham will host this test system to support extensive development programmes in aircraft and other transport electrification. The dynamometer will also be made available to the wider industry.

The project commenced in April 2021 and is expected to conclude early next year with the fully commissioned rig available for testing at Nottingham by the end of February 2022.

Geoff Robinson, Sales Director for Torquemeters Limited commented, “The UK Electrification of Aerospace Propulsion Facility is a key steppingstone to enable the realisation of the next generation of low carbon e-propulsion systems. We’re very excited at Torquemeters to be supporting the team at the University of Nottingham with this initiative, building on the long-term relationship between the two organisations and look forward to supporting the respective engineering & operational teams as they execute this flagship project.”

June 2021

Torquemeters welcomed into MDS preferred supplier programme.



Torquemeters Limited is pleased to announce their addition to the MDS preferred supplier programme. Building on their long-standing relationship as an approved MDS supplier, this new adoption of Torquemeters as a strategic supplier partner reinforces both parties’ commitment to closer alignment, communication, and cooperation on complex test rig & driveline installation projects for global aero-engine development programmes.

Having collaborated for the past 25 years on challenging high-performance compressor and turbine test facility projects, MDS & Torquemeters have completed several multi-million-dollar programmes for gas turbine manufacturers in North America, Europe and China with customers including Rolls Royce, ACAE, and Pratt & Whitney. This includes one of the world’s leading driveline solutions for HP/LP Compressor & Fan testing, commissioned in China in 2016, rated for a torque of 16,500Nm at 20,000rpm with the capability to balance 100kN of thrust whilst managing significant misalignment & thermal expansion.

Practically, the new partnership will facilitate earlier engagement & input from Torquemeters on driveline design and specification with a focus on performance optimisation and design for manufacturability. The objective is to be able to execute programmes with shorter time frames, lower-risk and long-term cost savings for end users.

Over the past 70 years, Torquemeters has been responsible for the innovation of the first phase-shift torquemeters, now widely used both for testing & development within the aerospace industry. Managing Director, Ben Van Millingen, commented “It is wonderful to be able to work ever more closely with a key customer like MDS as we collectively strive to meet the increasingly technically demanding challenges of new turbine and compressor developments.”

MDS’s customers push the envelope of gas turbine test. The solutions and expertise of Torquemeters is often a critical component to overall success for their test facilities to deliver the data and performance needed. “Delivering World Class facilities is dependent on our ability to collaborate with expert partners in addressing complex challenges. Torquemeters have demonstrated their commitment to this level of collaboration and we welcome them into the programme.” – Simon Arbuthnot, MDS Chief Operating Officer.

About MDS
MDS designs and builds highly complex multi-million-dollar gas turbine engine test facilities all over the world. Whether shipping cargo across the ocean, at the end of a 1,000 km gas pipeline, or flying on vacation, gas turbine engines must be reliable and safe.

MDS provide our clients with the capability to harness the power of these engines and test them in an environment that mimics their real-world application. With the capability to turn an empty piece of land into a functioning, state-of-the-art test facility in less than two years MDS have a team that can deliver; this includes all engineering and design, construction management, project management, and a robust supply chain.

June 2021

Torquemeters awarded UKAS accreditation for torque and phase calibration to ISO/IEC 17025.



Following an extensive qualification programme, Torquemeters Ltd calibration laboratory in Ravensthorpe has been granted UKAS accreditation against the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 – General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.

This accreditation is based on Torquemeters Ltd ability to conduct torque and phase calibrations to a high degree of accuracy for incorporation into precision torque measurement devices.

Torquemeters use a qualified purpose-built torque calibration rig to conduct torque calibrations to BS7882:2017 or DIN51309:2005, designed to give the best certification capability and the lowest uncertainty of measurement. Balanced arms are supported by low friction bearings with the torque transmitted via flexible couplings to prevent end loads and moments being applied to the article under calibration. The reaction arm can be levelled to ensure the load arm is always horizontal and calibrated masses are used to give minimum uncertainty for all load conditions. The environment is controlled, and calibrations are conducted by qualified technicians to ensure quality and consistency of calibration and service. The calibration rig torque capability range is 300-3500 N∙m with uncertainty in applied torque better than 0.01% (k=2 for a probability of 95%).

Torquemeters’ accredited laboratory can also undertake calibration of phase meters. Units under test are assessed against calibrated waveform generators, reporting deviations at a range of phases and frequencies. Accredited ranges include phase angle or % phase measurement for amplitudes of 50mV rms and 500mV rms at frequencies up to 100kHz.

Over the past 70 years, Torquemeters has been responsible for the innovation of the first phase-shift torquemeters, now widely used both for testing & development within the aerospace industry. With this significant investment in the new calibration equipment and the successful conclusion of the year-long qualification programme, Managing Director, Ben Van Millingen, commented “We’re very pleased to have met the stringent requirements for UKAS accreditation, which has been a long-term ambition for the business, and underpins our commitment to supporting our customers’ needs for highly accurate torque measurement within their development testing programmes.”

About UKAS
The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) is the sole National Accreditation Body for the United Kingdom. UKAS is recognised by government, to assess against internationally agreed standards, organisations that provide certification, testing, inspection and calibration services. UKAS accreditation demonstrates the competence, impartiality and performance capability of these evaluators. UKAS accredited certification, testing, inspection and calibration reduces the need for suppliers to be assessed by each of their customers. UKAS’ involvement in international groups such as EA, IAF and ILAC, provides for mutual recognition.

April 2021